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G13 Strains

G13 strains, according to legend, The CIA, the FBI, and another ultra-secret agency concocted this strain from a slew of other exceedingly potent strains in the 1960s. After years of trial and error, a super secret sub-group of this combination perfected their Frankenstein’s Monster around 1970 at the University of Mississippi. Only to have a sly unnamed technician steal a sample and begin breeding it for the masses. Of course, it is highly unlikely that any of this is true, but what a dope, dope story, huh?

Only fueling the rumors further, this incredibly potent strain is also called “Government Indica Strain 1”. Making the elusive truth of its origins even more intriguing. What we do know for sure is that the THC levels are eye-popping at 22% on average with both CBD and CBN reading at 1% each. The buds are dense enough to be considered stone-like. And are light green in color with orange hairs that make it appear almost furry. The aromas are strong and lean towards mandarin oranges and grapefruit with flavors that are sweet and fall in the same citrus family.

The popularity of G13 strains, unlike everything else about it, is no mystery. With the ability to give full body tingles and put users into an instant state of euphoria it’s not really a wonder why it’s a cult favorite. The effects are long lasting and have the tendency to put users into a deep trance. Leaving you feeling heavy and dazed, a stage that eventually fades into a hard to interrupt sleep.

G13 Weed Price

As this strain was designed to be medicinal, it is really useful in a host of different ways. Most notably, users love this strain for the all over pain relief it provides. Because of its numbing effects, this bud is known to ease aches, soreness, tightness in your muscles, and headaches. It also has a tendency to lift the spirit and put you in a stimulated state. Making it perfect for symptoms of depression, anxiety, stress, and lack of appetite.

Although it was created with such secrecy and wonderment. Growers are in luck as it is not nearly as hard to grow as it is to find out where it came from. The indoor flowering time is around 11 weeks while outdoor timeframes run around mid-November. The yield is slightly above average and requires a little bit of experience to keep this puppy healthy and thriving. Although with a little bit of a green thumb, this should be a breeze of a plant.

G13 strains was bred to be the ‘perfect  G13 strains’ and comes damn close. Great flavors, great effects, and very little effort on the smoker’s part to get a long lasting high that’ll knock you off your feet? Check, check, and check.


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